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Intelligence is inversely proportional to the chances of finding a partner for her
“She is intelligent” would mean “she is in demand” in the very direct manner. But if taken a deep insight, what looks so obvious is not actually true. Countless researches conducted by various psychologists showed that intelligent women are more likely to be single. Sometimes it’s the egoistic nature of men who are not willing to accept a competition in their lives while many other times it is the women themselves, who have grown demanding and their expectations have become unreal.

Intelligent women are patient, mature and conscious enough to choose the next relationship. They prefer to wait than getting involved with the wrong guy.
So if you are wishing to fulfill all your ambitions and simultaneously getting married to a guy that you think would be suitable enough, to your disappointment the chances are quite less. The research conducted by British university revealed that IQ was inversely proportional to the chance of finding an appropriate partner in the case of women while it was directly proportional in the case of men.

There are certain reasons that we have tried to disclose before you based on the researches and opinions taken from common people.

1. Men don’t want to become the victim of inferiority complex
Owing to their dominating nature; men do not want to marry a woman who is more successful and intelligent than them. They avoid challenges and as a result the more intelligent women are left out. They are considered to be as arrogant and problem creating partners in a relationship. These cultural and social dogmas, associated with the woman of strong personality, declare them undesirable.

2. Men do not want the girl to be an obstructing stone in their career
According to John Carney, a financial reporter, successful men are gravitated towards girls who are not very career oriented and hence can take care of their home. Since an intelligent woman would never compromise with her professional life, they are the ones to be left alone.

3. Intelligent women look for support
In a study carried out by the Minister of Universities David Willetts, it was found that women kept supportive men at the top in their priority list. Financial assistance, qualification and other factors were secondary. But a study done on the men’s behavior showed an ironical result where the egos restricted them from being supportive towards their girls. This results in lesser compatibility.


4. Failures in the past relationships devoid them of finding love again

As explained by Alex Banner of “The Huffington Post”, bitter experiences of the past relationships led them to find an alternative, in the form of work, to get busier. Every passing day makes them more focused towards achieving professional success. In return they lag behind in the race of finding the suitable match.

5. They are way too choosy
Of course, they are the leading ladies and all worthy of considering various options before settling for the final one. In spite of changing the guy according to their whims and fantasies, they look for the one that can bear all their tantrums. And of course it takes time to find the perfect fit.

6. They are hard nut to crack
They possess brains hence you need to think out of the box to create an ever lasting impression. Their sense of maturity demands extra efforts and over the top attempts. Mere cheesy and flattering words would never be enough.

7. They prefer to be independent
They are habitual of taking care of their own stuff. They would not think twice before getting over an abusive or unhealthy relationship. They have much better and substantial things to do in life hence waiting for the right guy is not their cup of tea.

The more intelligent the woman is, more are the chances for a guy to get attracted towards her. But spending life together requires much more than attraction and infatuation.


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