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I am a lot to handle. Sometimes I get anxiety thinking about the fact that I have to put up with myself for the rest of my life. Like, it’s a hard job. I don’t understand why another person would choose to handle me on their free will. So this one is dedicated to all the boyfriends who go without recognition for putting up with all the things that girls do. Here’re 27 things you should thank your boyfriend for more often.

1. Taking you out on dates.
2. Paying for those dates.
3. Listening to and acting interested when you rant about someone who made you mad or how much you hate Karen.
4. Cheering you up when you’re in a bad mood.
5. Telling you that you’re beautiful even though you haven’t washed your hair in two days.
6. For not hating you after you promise you’ll only be in Target for five minutes and it turns into two hours.

7. For going shopping with you and attempting to give an opinion on the things you try on. (Even if he says you look pretty in everything you try on in an attempt to leave sooner).
8. For putting up when you cry over anything. A cute puppy video? Cry. When he remembers your order at McDonald’s? Cry.

9. For not hating you for always wanting attention.
10. For keeping calm when he asks you what you want for dinner and you say ‘I don’t care’ then shoot down all of his suggestions.
11. Playing with your hair.
12. Keeping calm when your hair gets everywhere in his house.
13. Watching sappy love movies with you.
14. Listening to you when you when you show him all the pictures of #relationshipgoals you see on Twitter.

15. For not thinking you’re gross when you don’t shave for a week straight. Or not saying it if he thinks it.
16. For saying no when you ask if a girl is prettier than you.
17. For obliging with your tremendous need to cuddle.
18. Watching your favorite Netflix series with you even if he hates it.
19. Waiting to start a new episode of a show just to watch it with you.

20. For being your biggest support system.
21. For taking 20 different pictures because the first 19 weren’t “Insta-worthy.”

22. For understanding when you take forever to get ready.
23. For getting along with your friends and their boyfriends.
24. For not judging when you eat more than him.
25. For getting along with and enjoying your family.
26. For making you feel perfect when you know you aren’t.

27. For making, you wonder how you lived your entire life without him.
No matter how much we complain, we actually do appreciate all the things you do for us and put up with.

By Sarah Wilson for Odyssey

Sharing is caring!

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